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SocialCxN - A Blockchain Solution for Influencer Marketing

Welcome to the very first Influencer Marketing Blockchain ICO! Now introducing our SocialCxN Tokens to reshape the future of Influencer Marketing together.

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A Media Network Token

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How it Works

Content Creation

Based on their knowledge and experience, an influencer will create personalized content for the brand. With a firm understanding of their social media audience, content can be in the form of videos, articles, reviews, memes and even hashtags!

Content Distribution

Brands love Influencers for the right audience! Content distribution requires Influencers to spread a Brand's content to their audience. This way, a brand can reach millions of new customers, and Influencers can monetize their hard work.

Digital Consulting

Brands love to engage social media experts for short-term training sessions to help with internal digital teams. Influencers can make use of their expertise to work with Fortune 500 brands via webinars, live chats, and in-person workshops to name a few ways.

ICO Bounty Programs

ICO startups heavily rely on bounty programs as part of their marketing and PR strategy. Influencers can help these startups to amplify their campaigns and spread awareness of their ICOs.

Successful Campaigns On SocialCxN

Token Distribution

60% Token Sale 
14% Community Rewards & Referrals
15% CXN Holdings
10% Marketing & Partners Support
1% Bounty Program

Sale Distribution

Hard Cap fix for alligment

Accepted payments

Period fix for alligment

Bonus Structure fix for alligment

Minimum Contribution

Private Sale Stage I

Hard Cap

10, 000 ETH (Stage I + Stage II)

Accepted payments



March 20, 2018 (07:00 pm CST) - April 10, 2018
(11:59 pm CST)

Bonus Structure

1 ETH = 14, 375 CxN (15% Bonus)

Minimum Contribution


Private Sale Stage II

Hard Cap

10, 000 ETH (Stage I + Stage II)

Accepted payments



April 16, 2018 (07:00 pm CST) - May 7, 2018
(11:59 pm CST)

Bonus Structure

1 ETH = 13, 750 CxN (10% Bonus)

Minimum Contribution


Main Sale Period

Hard Cap

10, 000 ETH (Public Sale only)

Accepted payments



May 11, 2018 (07:00 pm CST) - June 18, 2018
(11:59 pm CST)

Bonus Structure

1 ETH = 12, 500 CxN

Minimum Contribution

0.1 ETH


Q3-Q4 2017

  • Launch SocialCxN with pilot customers
  • Initiate revenue model with paying customers
  • Initiate content creation and distribution campaigns with brands and agencies

Q1 2018

  • Launch Enterprise Platform (February)
  • Launch iOS and Android Apps (February)
  • Complete Whitepaper and Token Design
  • Launch ICO Website (February)
  • Initiate Bounty Program (February)
  • Begin Pre-sale ICO (March 20, 2018)

Q2 2018

  • Begin public-sale ICO (May 11, 2018)
  • Complete Token distribution (June 18, 2018)
  • Integrate CxN Coin with exchanges (June)
  • Actualize blockchain development roadmap
  • Team expansion across primary infrastructure

Q3 2018

  • Team expansion across key countries
  • Integrate Salesforce API
  • Launch Alpha platform on Test-Net
  • Start CxN wallet generation
  • CxN Coin available on platform
  • Initiate development for Bounty Program Automation & Pricing Automation

Q4 2018

  • Pursue aggressive sales development in existing and new markets
  • Generate insight of Alpha platform integration in system from stakeholders
  • Initiate development roadmap for Arbitration via community of CxN Token holders, intellectual property protection for content creators & crowd voting via ideation

Q1 2019

  • Launch V1.0 of SocialCxN completely on blockchain
  • Share brand upside with stakeholders
  • Pursue development with real-life use cases

Сore team & Сontributors

Yasir Shirazi
Founder & CEO
With 12 years of global experience in eCommerce and strategy at Fortune 500 firms, Yasir is a serial entrepreneur and business expert. Along with currently being a Research Fellow at Harvard, Yasir is also the founder of a very successful revolutionary publishing business.
Prashanth Mayadam
Senior BlockChain Architect
With years of technology experience, Prashanth comes with a strong background in architecture and development. Renowned as a visionary in the tech industry, he is also the founder of Atyeti Inc, a leading IT Service provider company on Wall Street.
Zain Khan
Head of Product Management
With prior experience of working with some of the biggest tech companies like Salesforce and Oracle, Zain is a software engineer and an expert at Product Development.
Kevin Song
Social Media Management
Young, passionate and driven, Kevin Song is an expert in marketing analytics and digital media strategy. He received his MS in Business Analytics from SMU to later co-found Omni-Group and now leads Blockchain Project Research.
Andre Russo
Community Manager
Fluent in 3 languages; English, Portuguese and Spanish, Andre has a wide-spread command over content and digital media marketing. As a social media marketing expert, Andre has expanded the presence of multiple businesses across the digital landscape.

Advisors & Investors

Leaders from top tech and financial institutions

Dr. Naveed Sherwani
President & CEO - SiFive (USA)
Naveed is the BlockChain advisor to SocialCxN. He is a visionary and a very well-known figure in Silicon Valley. Considered as one of the pioneers of Blockchain technology in the financial services sector, he is also the President and CEO of SiFive, USA.
Prof. Serqi Bruno
Emerging Marketing Advisor
Professor Bruno is a Harvard Fellow and distinguished advisor on Emerging Markets and Regulatory Compliance. He is a frequent speaker at global conferences on Central Banks and Economics.
Hergys Agaraj
Senior Business Advisor
International Business Expert with years of sales and marketing experience across Asia and Europe.
Zeeshan Qureshi
CEO - SkillOrbit
Zeeshan is a Machine Learning Expert and a very well-respected Growth Hacker & Tech Innovator, who has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry in the Middle East.
Don Skenderian
eCOMMERCE Professional
As an Amazon marketing specialist, Don is an international eCommerce expert with core skills in Brand Outreach and Revenue Optimization strategies.
Shaheed Khan
Investment Banking Executive
Shaheed is a Fintech evangelist, digital transformer, strategist, and connector. He is also a Board Member for Harvard Business Club (GCC) and at International Association of Decentralized Currency and Blockchain.

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